Insurance. Shake it up.

Kick start a new era in our industry

Insurance is ripe for disruption.

There’s no better time to transform an entire industry – and the way customers engage with our products and services – than now. That’s why we’ve created our Digital Garage. A brand new digital environment in the heart of London’s Tech City in Shoreditch, it’ll have a start-up culture backed by an investment of tens of millions. And it offers you an unrivalled opportunity to spearhead product innovation and development. Harness the latest technologies. Launch breakthroughs. And do it all faster and smarter.

Talking Transformation

Find out more about how our Digital Garage will be shaking up the insurance industry. And how it’s a real opportunity for you to make an impact. You’ll also hear from our Chief Digital Officer, Andrew Brem, as he explains his vision for the project.

FinTech Start-Up Weekend: Disrupting Insurance

Find out why insurance is the industry to watch. Why it’s such an exciting prospect for entrepreneurs. And how start-ups are breaking into this largely untapped area of innovation. At the first FinTech Startup Weekend to be sponsored by an insurance company, we also share why we’re supporting start-ups.

Who are we looking for?

Ready to help invent our next generation of digital products? To work with like-minded technology enthusiasts in agile, multi-discipline teams you’ll need to:

  • be a web or Mobile Software Engineer who’s passionate about digital
  • be expert in a range of web development technologies
  • understand mobile development and responsive design
  • have experience of Agile delivery, web services and Source Code Management
  • love the idea of making life better for our customers

Putting millions of policies in one place

One of our most recent major advances was the ‘MyAviva’ app. Available on all devices, it brings together all the products that protect your life, health, loved ones, future and possessions in one helpful, secure, simple-to-use place. You can set reminders to renew your car and home insurance, check the value of your pension fund, loyalty offers and much more. And it’s been a huge hit with customers. The app had over a million log-ins in its first two months.


Driving insurance down and our profile up

We were the first insurance company to launch a smartphone app that records driving behaviour. ‘Aviva Drive’ uses GPS to measure cornering, braking and accelerating. And, as a result, it can offer safer drivers up to 20% off their next car insurance policy. It’s been Apple’s ‘App of the Week’ and, through Facebook, drove our lowest cost-per-acquisition ever. What’s more, it generated a positive return on investment inside 18 months. Phenomenal. As for our next big thing – you could be behind it.

A ‘Digital First’ mind-set right around the business

Increasingly, consumers expect to be able to manage their lives online. That’s why we want to be digital pioneers. And why everyone in our Digital business – whether they’re based in Shoreditch or our Head Office in Norwich – is focused on helping us become ‘Digital First’.

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