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Actuarial graduate scheme

The science behind our solutions

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Actuarial. What’s it all about?

Well, in a nutshell, this is about maths. Not the sums you get on Countdown (although if you’re a dab hand at them, that’s a great start). But essentially, this is about the mathematical thinking that underpins everything we do. From reporting to pricing, from valuations to solvency, from data to digital, our actuaries have a say. A big say.

So if you’re a natural problem solver and you’d love to be an important part of an important company (we’re the UK’s largest insurer), this is a very, very empowering place to be.

We currently have no open Actuarial graduate roles.

But keep checking back later – new roles are added every day.

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Insurance is a risky business

Managing risk is why actuaries are so important. They help us to manage it. They focus on the future – on what could happen (using maths and stats, not crystal balls). We use exacting data. The most cutting-edge technology. Innovative thinking. We help people and organisations to protect themselves from the unexpected. So expect to be challenged. Expect to be fulfilled.

What you’ll be doing

You’ll be thinking about probability. About how we can best support our customers without exposing ourselves to unnecessary risk. So that means looking at the data. The small print. Lots and lots of complex information. And then turning all of that into meaningful insights that will shape what we do and how we do it.

What you can expect

Usually, this programme lasts for around four years. You’ll move to a different actuarial team about every eighteen months – they include everything from Healthcare Reporting to Data Science and Digital.

You’re likely to follow a Level 7 Apprenticeship pathway (which is equivalent to a Master’s) and then we’ll give you the support you need to become an actual actuary– and a leader too.

What you’ll get

Where you’ll be based

Actuaries here are actually very important. They’re the essence of who we are. So they work in lots of places. They’re based in Bristol, York, Norwich or Eastleigh.

These are all vibrant cities and towns with big communities of ex-students. And new actuaries.

If you join us as a graduate, you could be based in any of these locations, so it’s important that you’re flexible. They’re all great places. And they all have great offices.

Bristol   Eastleigh   Norwich   York

What you’ll need

You don’t need to have an Actuarial Science degree to join this programme, but you’ll definitely need to have studied something in a numerical or STEM discipline (with a 2:1 either achieved or expected). If that sounds like you, our training will help you get where you want to be.

As well as that, you’re going to need 120 UCAS points from three A-levels (not including General Studies), with at least a grade B in Maths. You’re someone who loves a bit of problem solving and who has a commercial approach.

How to apply

Our applications are open from October until 31st December 2019 and we’ll be holding our assessments early in 2020. We’ll want to hear about your leadership, problem-solving and communication skills, and your initiative too. And it goes without saying you’ll need to feel a connection with our values. Sounds good? Great. Here’s what you need to do now:

  • Make an online application – this will include answering a short questionnaire about your motivations and attaching your CV
  • If shortlisted, you’ll be sent some numerical and verbal reasoning tests that you will need to complete
  • Pass those and you’ll have a telephone interview – with the opportunity for you to ask us questions too!
  • And if you do well, there’s an assessment day
  • Impress us there and you will be offered the role

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Life with us means being empowered. Empowered to do great work. Empowered to be yourself. And, in actuarial, empowered to help us protect millions of people through a mix of maths, problem solving and all-round genius. Up for it?