Graduate Leadership Programme

Leadership looks like seeing the business from every angle


Graduate Leadership Programme

Learn about Aviva from all sides of the business and grow as we grow. We’ll support you to support your colleagues and customers, so that every step you take will be a step forward for everyone.

We’ll also give you the trust you need and the space you want to make decisions and push the organisation forwards within the industry. All you have to do is apply before your deadline.

Applications will reopen in October 2021; in the meantime read up on our programmes as we hope to see an application from you.

What leadership looks like, according to our leaders

Hear from our very own people as our graduates ask their senior team members what it takes to lead.

About the programme

Now you know what our leaders look like, but what about the programme? Well, it’s two years long and you’ll move across projects, teams and business areas, working on assignments to gain a breadth of invaluable experiences. You’ll be preparing for the challenges of leading and getting to know us as a company, inside and out. And because our customers are core to our purpose, our aim is for you to experience how we deliver great customer outcomes within one of your assignments.

As you progress through the programme, you’ll take on real responsibility. You could be running your own team project (with support!) or leading a new initiative. You’ll be learning every step of the way and you’ll be developing others, too.

Where you’ll be based

Your work could be close to home in your town, city or region, or it could take you somewhere new, so it’s important that you’re ready to move into any role, business area or location.

Your first assignment will be in your home country, in one of these locations:

  • UK applications: Bristol, Eastleigh, London, Norwich, Perth, Sheffield or York
  • Canada applications: Oakville, Markham, Toronto or Vancouver

What an average day looks like

No two graduates have the same day at Aviva, and today and tomorrow will look completely different for you, too. But we can tell you that you’ll build confidence to present to groups of people. Depending on what area of the business you work in, you might spend some days crunching the numbers behind the scenes to solve complex problems for your team or your customers. You might spend others directly with the customer or your team, supporting them and motivating them.

Whether you work in customer service, strategy, project management, product innovation or underwriting, you’ll find out what leadership looks like day-to-day. We’ll work with you to structure a programme of experiences that supports both your ambitions and delivery of our strategy.


Miba's journey

Miba, Digital Innovator, Aviva GLP

Why Aviva?

We’re here for those unlucky moments and tough days. And we’re here for every single customer. That takes a seamless team of talented Aviva employees working across the business, which is why you’ll get to work across marketing, finance, claims, underwriting… we could go on. No matter where your interests lie, you can be certain that there’s a place for you here.

And not only will you get to do work you care about, but we’ll put your needs first, too. Click below to find out more about how we empower each other, and what we believe in.

Lead and develop

You’ll get the chance to build your skills through a combination of face-to-face, e-learning and webinar training platforms, as well as coaching and on-the-job tasks. As part of our Senior Mentor Scheme, a member of the senior leadership team will also mentor you through every rotation – it’s a fantastic opportunity to benefit from the experience of someone truly invested in the business.

Over the course of your programme, we’ll help you grow your leadership skills, empowering you to develop your potential and lead us forward as a business.

Networking and collaboration

You’ll have loads of chances to meet people across business areas and at all levels of the organisation. In fact, at the very start of the programme, you’ll be invited to our graduate welcome event. You’ll get to meet fellow graduates, plus many of our senior leaders and maybe even the group CEO. We’ll also share our strategy, markets and business, and set out what we’re expecting from you on the programme.

After the event, you’ll start your local orientation where we’ll introduce you to your specific market. We’ll help you learn the practical day-to-day skills and knowledge that will help you in your new role.

Leadership looks like getting better at what you do every day

One of the most important qualities in a leader is mentorship – and that’s exactly what we’ll provide to help you get there. With face-to-face, e-learning and webinar training platforms, we’ll empower you to develop your potential and lead our future.

There will always be a mentor you can go to in the senior leadership team too, so you can gain experience from an expert and get all your questions answered. You’ll also have a buddy, a line manager and our Talent Management Team, who will make sure you have all the support you need.

Meet the team

Weronika Naliwajko

Joe Perkins

Joshua Griffiths

Shamini Rajan

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