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When you hear ‘Aviva’, perhaps you think about that time you twisted your ankle on holiday and had to make a claim. Well we think about that too. We also think about all the people we support come fire or flood, through natural disasters and global pandemics. And those we help with their investments and retirement funds, so they can look forward to a better future.

People are the reason we do what we do, and we’re here for every bump in the road for each one of our customers. We want to make a difference to their lives, and to the world we live in too.

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You do you

At Aviva, we trust our employees to think for themselves. We cut out bureaucracy and empower each other to think creatively to solve problems and reach greater heights. In other words, when you work for us, you’re in charge.

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Aviva office reception in London
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Women in Technology

Looking to join us in Digital? Check out our Women in Technology page to see how we’re working to create a more balanced gender culture.

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Aviva office reception in London

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