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All our programmes offer outstanding training, varied experiences and pretty spectacular career development opportunities. Plus the chance to influence the future of our business, of course.

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If you’re thinking about joining the programme, we’re sure you have a lot of questions. Below are the most common questions we’re asked by graduates like you. And we hope the responses give you the information you need.

When do you open for applications?

Our different programmes may have slightly different opening and closing dates, which will be listed on the aligned programmes pages, but as a general rule of thumb:

• Our Graduate Leadership Programme, Canada usually opens for applications early September, and closes in early October. So if you are interested in this programme we recommend getting your application in quick!

• Our UK based programmes (Accountancy, Actuarial, Leadership (UK), Technology), all usually open in early October. They may have differing close dates though, so we recommend you check the individual programme pages for more details.

What are the entry criteria for the programmes?

Each of our programmes has their own entry criteria, and these are listed on the information pages specific to each programme, but in general you will need:

• to already hold, or be on track to graduate with a degree this year. For our Graduate Accountancy, Leadership and Technology Programmes your degree can be in any discipline. For our Actuarial programme though we do ask that applicants have a STEM related degree
• to be able to commit to full-time employment in September 2022

Before applying, do visit the programme pages where the detailed entry criteria is listed so that you can check your eligibility before applying.

I graduated a few years ago; can I still apply for a graduate position?

Yes of course, we welcome all applications from all backgrounds – there is no time limit on when you needed to have completed your degree. What’s important to us is that you are passionate about the programme you are applying for, that you align to our values, and can commit to start working in September 2022.

In addition to the above we do also ask any applicants for our Graduate Leadership Programme to have a flexible approach to where you will work, and may require you to relocate if successful.

What are the differences between each programme?

Our Graduate Leadership, Accountancy and Actuarial programmes are ‘rotational’ programmes which means you will move between different business areas periodically onto new assignments for the duration of your training period.

When you apply for a position on our Graduate Leadership Programme, you are applying for a place on that programme, not a specific role – we will choose your first rotation for you and will work collaboratively with you to help identify any subsequent rotations. One of your placements will be in a customer facing role, most likely within one of our contact centres, and your other rotations could be in anything from Data Science to Risk and Governance to Marketing or Underwriting. Placements will depend on business needs at the time and will vary from year to year.

Our Technology Talent Programme, offers what we call, ‘straight-to-desk’ roles. On application you will be able to see all of the pathways and roles that we have available, and you can apply for whichever you feel you are most suited to. Upon joining, we will train you to become a subject expert in the role that we have offered you and you will study for professional qualifications aligned to your specific role. You won’t rotate in the same manner as the above programmes, but your business area may choose to move you around projects that they feel best get you the exposure to develop.

What type of lead times should I expect?

Whilst we’ll process your application as quickly as possible, lead times can vary dependent on the programme, country, their close date and the volume of applications. We will keep you up-to-date with your progress at regular intervals throughout the application process.

What is the salary of the Graduate Leadership Programme?

Given the international nature of the programme, we will provide a salary aligned to the market you are recruited to and benchmarked to similar companies in that country. The programme will offer competitive benefits on top of your base salary.

Will I be able to choose my assignments?

If you are on a rotational programme, each assignment is dependent on business needs and experience required, so it is important that you are open and willing to move into any role. We will work with you to find you the right rotations; the ones that will give you the experience and exposure to develop.

Will I be able to meet other people on the graduate programmes before I start?

Due to the large geographical spread of our programmes getting together face-to-face prior to joining can be challenging. However, we will ensure that you’re able to chat to other people joining the programmes via our app. When you start, you will get to meet fellow graduates at our induction and welcome events.

Do Aviva provide sponsorship for their UK programmes?

If you require visa sponsorship, only some graduate programmes can support all the conditions set out by the Home Office Codes of Practice.

This means that for the Graduate Leadership programme we are unable to offer sponsorship as the roles on this scheme do not meet the Home Office requirements, and therefore we are not capable of sponsoring applicants for this programme.

For our Accountancy and Actuarial programmes we are able to offer sponsorship, as long as you meet the personal requirements set out by the Home Office.

For our Technology Graduate roles, we are able to offer sponsorship for the Software Engineering and UX Pathways, and for some of the roles in the Change Management Pathway.

I will be eligible to apply for the Graduate Visa – can I apply?

Yes, we can accept the Graduate Visa as right to work on any of our UK programmes. After the 2 year Graduate Visa period, if the role you are in meets the Home Office Codes of Practice we could then to look to transfer you to a Skilled Worker visa.