Recruitment scam information


Important notice

  Please be aware of an online recruitment scam involving people masquerading as Aviva representatives in order to steal and misuse personal information. In particular, be wary of any email requesting payment for Aviva equipment. This is very unlikely to come from an official Aviva representative, so please don’t respond, don’t send any money and don’t share any personal details. You should also look out for:

  • Requests for personal information that come from someone you don't know or don't trust
  • Being asked to pay money as part of the application process (such as a 'pre-employment screening fee')
  • Offers of employment which seem too good to be true, or too easy to secure
  • Messages about jobs you haven't applied for or didn't expect
  • Unusual benefits relating to a job, such as a salary quoted in a different currency
  • Messages which reference coronavirus (COVID-19)
If you’re ever worried about whether the job you’re applying for with Aviva is legitimate, or if you want to check whether the person you are dealing with is a genuine Aviva recruiter, please get in touch at or 0121 234 7609 and we will check for you. You can also find more details about protecting yourself from possible scams here. Please make sure you’re dealing with an authorised Aviva representative before you share any personal information. Unfortunately we cannot help or be held responsible if you share information with an unauthorised Aviva representative.