Your development

Aviva place a strong emphasis on growth and development, giving everyone the opportunity to talk about their career aspirations and discuss potential opportunities.

When a new employee joins, they’ll take part in a welcome event where they learn about our values and our Corporate Responsibility programme. Then, as part of our performance management process, we'll talk about their objectives and agree a development plan to make sure they‘re receiving all the necessary training and development. Our approach to learning is varied and covers everything from learning from experience, connecting with other subject matter experts and 1:1 coaching, to attending development centres and management skills programmes. We also offer innovative online learning, and for some roles, the option to study for formal qualifications.

We see it as our responsibility to develop our current and future business leaders, and it’s something we take very seriously. As such, we've formed strong relationships with some of the world's leading thinkers on business and personal development. And as part of that, we’re about to launch an innovative new leadership development programme in conjunction with the SAID Business School at the University of Oxford.

Your Career

At Aviva we aim to build an environment where you can thrive and we actively ask people about their career interests. We want to understand what you want to do, where you want to be and how you can get there. We want to talk to you about your ability, interests and motivation and we want to present opportunities to you that excite you and fit with your ambitions.

The focus is on action, transparency and talking about careers. At all levels of the organisation everyone will have a formal career conversation at least once a year where we can have an open and honest conversation. Our talent management philosophy allows us to differentiate our people and focus our investment, to get sight of where our future leaders and experts are, from whichever stage they are at in their careers. It is important to us to see our people grow and develop and to listen to what people say about their careers.

Rewards & benefits

We offer benefits that are both comprehensive and flexible. Whether you're in your first job, you've bought a property, had another child or are looking towards retirement; you'll be able to tailor your rewards so that you can get even more out of working at Aviva.

In practice, you'll get a generous amount of annual leave, and you will be able to buy more through our flexible benefits programme. Many of our roles also include a bonus based on our overall performance and how brilliantly you achieve your objectives.

After that, the benefits you make use of are up to you. There's a pension, share schemes, save-as-you-earn scheme and private health care discounts. In fact, you'll get discounts on virtually all our products - from home insurance to breakdown recovery.

  • From 25 days holiday (and you can buy more)

  • In-house financial advice

  • Healthcare cash plan

  • Travel insurance discount

  • Home insurance discount

  • Savings on your mobile bills

  • Home computing loan

  • Pension

Working together

Working together

At Aviva, we put teamwork high on our agenda. That's because we believe our combined strength drives our business forward.. A real life example of this is the launch of Quotemehappy.com.

Quotemehappy.com is a separately branded, online only insurer. The only one of its kind in the UK, Quotemehappy.com provides 24/7 access to car and home insurance for customers who like to shop around online. Customers can get a quote and buy their policy either on the website or through the price comparison sites - GoCompare, Moneysupermarket, Confused and Compare The Market - helping to save time and money for everyone involved.

It's a brand new approach to insurance. One that takes the combined efforts and expertise of a variety of people across the company to make happen. From Customer Operations, to Product, to Finance, to Marketing, our teams worked together to build a quick and simple service that makes lives easier.

Fiona Drury

Business Delivery Manager, Personal Motor Claims

I was involved with Quotemehappy.com from the beginning and took on the challenging task of building the entire claims proposition within 6 months. I thought the prospect of coming up with something from scratch – rather than copying Aviva’s processes – sounded very exciting. And my instincts proved right.

My team and I were responsible for every area of the business delivery process. From designing the claims proposition, to overseeing the web page build. Most importantly though, we worked with external suppliers to make sure that the processes we actually worked and the customer had a smooth journey at every stage of the claims process.

Relying on various teams across the business meant that communication had to be on point. And it really was. I found the best way to do things was to talk and to keep talking, so made sure we shared learnings and talked about issues and successes.

Jonathan Gorman

QuotemeHappy Finance Business Partner

I’ve been the Finance Business Partner for QMH since before it was launched. Anything that has a number attached to it usually comes through me, and with the project progressing so quickly, it was quite a challenge to make sure we remained within budget.

It was and still is an exciting venture to be part of. We’re breaking new ground, both in terms of technology and re-entering the aggregator market. And the entrepreneurial spirit that the QMH team portray, as well as the culture that has been created is refreshingly unlike that of a “big corporate” company.

There have been issues to face. But the way the teams in all areas of the business worked together and delivered a project in very tight timescales shows what can be achieved when all parties are focused on a common goal and vision.

Jessica Reddrop

Online Customer Support

As part of the Online Customer Support team, I deal with all aspects of the customer experience and help to develop our online proposition. It’s about giving the customer an excellent, effortless and ultimately low cost experience. This involves responding to and resolving customer queries via email, as well as addressing customer demands on Facebook and Twitter.

I work closely with the Marketing team to develop and manage our social media presence and improve customer engagement. They sit just a few desks away, so I normally just go to their desk for a chat.

Together, we deal with all the customer demand, so any changes we suggest are customer driven. And as we’re still ‘new’, we’re constantly identifying areas of improvement that are usually fixed promptly – everyone we need to talk to is normally in the office.

Niall Finnegan

Claims Advisor

I was interested in working for Quotemehappy.com from the get go, because to be involved in the set up stage of a new company is ideal for a college graduate like myself. At first glance I thought it a quirky and low cost company. But at its core, QMH is customer centric, focused on quality service and thrives on returning customers who are interested in saving time and money.

As part of the Third Party team, I deal with policy holder reported claims, third party allegations and represented and unrepresented claimants. It’s my job to determine whether our client is at fault for the incident. The rest of the Third Party team have been very helpful and the co-operation of the teams is evident across the business. There’s certainly a culture of shared learning. I was particularly proud to have the opportunity to train and to share my knowledge of claims handling to those willing to learn.

Steve Jay

Brand & Marketing Manager

I was approached about the job at Quotemehappy, and I was really excited at the prospect of working in a new and fast paced environment. After the launch, we were transitioning from a project into business as usual. So it was my job to work out what other Marketing skills we needed and recruit the team.

Now my team manage marketing campaigns to promote the brand. This includes external press & PR campaigns as well as campaigns to existing customers. We’re only a three man team, so our work can be very broad ranging – from creating an email newsletter, to managing the sponsorship of a rugby match.

We work closely with the rest of the Retail and Trading Team across Product, Customer Experience, Finance and Operational. And because most of the team are based in one location on the same floor, it means we can make timely decisions and can get to the right person quickly.

Sharon Schofield

HR Business Partner

I was assigned to the team when Quotemehappy.com was still an idea on a piece of paper. My role was to support all HR aspects of building a business from scratch. It was so exciting to be part of bringing a brand to life through its people.

We recruited new joiners based on their natural abilities because we knew we could teach the knowledge and skills needed for the technical side of the role. Though when it came to training we had no blue print to follow. But through enthusiasm, trial and error and most importantly, team work, the team self trained on the job. I was proud to see how well they coped with those challenges.

One of the proudest moments for the team was when we announced sales of £143M – not bad for 12 months from a standing start!

Jonathan Brocket

Business Systems Analyst

I have been involved with Quotemehappy.com right from the beginning. I thought the idea sounded very exciting, both for me personally and in a business sense, so was keen to join the project team.

My team were given the task of shaping the customer service and experience. It was up to us to identify low cost customer contact methods like email and social media, and come up with effective system plans. That meant listening to customer feedback and using it to recommend improvements. It also meant coordinating our efforts with teams in Bangalore and the Customer Operations team in London.

Communication between the teams is great, and it’s refreshing to be able to work alongside and share our visions with the Directors. I am extremely proud of the success we’ve achieved as such a small team and that the processes we set up have stood the test of time.

Jennifer Cooney

Claim Support Specialist

I was working for Aviva Ireland when I first heard about this opportunity. It was completely different to anything I’d done, and I fancied a challenge so went for it.

My team deal with claims when they hit a ‘bump’, or fall outside the usual claims process. This might be due to a failure on our suppliers part, an indemnity issue or a whole range of other weird and wonderful things. We work with the Engineering and Third Party teams when it comes to solving issues; helping each other out wherever possible.

There have been plenty of hurdles to get over. Things like heavy workloads that proved too much for the team. But suggestions are always listened to and now we’ve taken on another nine people to ease the load and make sure we have the capacity to deliver a smooth and efficient service.

Toby Newton

Web support Customer Operations

With an interest in Quotemehappy.com and the right experience, I applied for the job. My team support customers with their online queries and questions. And as we’re a small team, we not only work closely with each other, but our Directors too. It means that we all have real part to play in any achievements.

I also work alongside our complaints team in Bishopbriggs and CEO office in Norwich to make sure we’re doing all we can to reduce and resolve complaints. As a company, we have worked hard to become the best online insurer in the market. And I have had the chance to influence that – making the customer journey better.

I am proud to work for Quotemehappy.com. It’s satisfying to watch as it grows from a small team to something a lot bigger.


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