Responsible business

Always striving to do the right thing

Seeing green

As a global insurer with the power to influence, we knew we had to take the lead on climate action. And that’s why we were the very first global insurance group to go carbon neutral. We’ve reduced our C02 emissions by 60% since 2010 and we’re aiming for 70% by 2030.

But in the face of a threat as huge as the current climate emergency, we know that’s not enough. Which is why in 2018, we invested £1.8 billion in wind, solar, biomass and energy efficiency. And we’re proud to say we won the United Nations Momentum for Change award for a decade of reducing our environmental impact.

Defending human rights

We’re people people, and we can’t be ourselves without treating each other right. That’s why we’ve taken steps to make sure everyone within our workforce and supply chains is paid a fair wage, and that their health and rights are respected.

We’ve assessed the ethical recruitment processes, policies and procedures of eight supply chains. We’ve also supported UK government to create new legislation holding businesses to account for human rights abuse, so we can stamp out modern slavery in the UK and around the world.

Putting our money where our mouth is

As long-term investors, we think we owe it to our customers, our colleagues and the world to pay attention to social, environmental and ethical factors. In fact, we were one of the first large asset managers to incorporate these factors into the criteria for roles in our investment team. As individuals and as one united team, we all play our part to make sure we’re funding ethical, sustainable businesses like ours.

In it together

Since we set up our Community Fund in 2009, we’ve supported thousands of causes with millions of pounds of funding, giving charities and do-gooders the chance to make a huge difference to their local communities.

We also give every Aviva employee 21 hours each year to switch their day job for community volunteering. That way, we give back, our colleagues give back, and together we make an even bigger difference.

Ready for the next step?

Do you want your employer to have a positive impact on people and planet? Take your career to the next level with a global company, without leaving your ethics at the door.