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Women in tech

Things change quickly in technology. But when it comes to gender diversity, they’re not changing as quickly as they should be. That’s our view, anyway. Which is why we’re so passionate about boosting gender diversity. About making sure technology here isn’t a male-dominated environment, but one in which everyone is welcome and empowered to be at their best.

As part of that, we have a dedicated Women in Technology programme. It’s helping us to attract more women to join our Digital, IT and Cyber Security teams. And to invest in future generations of female tech talent.

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Let’s talk female-focused tech

We’re seeing more women join us as apprentices, graduates and interns than ever before. Women who will be inspired by industry leaders, and go on to inspire other women themselves.

Of course, it’s easier to talk the talk than walk the walk. That’s why we’ve joined the Tech Talent Charter (TTC), which aims to boost gender diversity in the UK tech industry. In fact, we were the first insurance company to do so. Watch this space.

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Internal initiatives

We support flexible working wherever we can. We also encourage secondments so people can test the water before moving into a role on a permanent basis.

Then there’s our Evelution network. It provides support to everyone working in IT, especially females, through initiatives like mentoring, sponsorship and support, training and networking opportunities. We also send inspirational people out to schools to help instil a sense of confidence in girls who might otherwise never consider a career in this field. It’s also about spreading the word that, with us, you don’t need to study tech to become a techy.

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Mentoring and events

Our Technology leadership team want to create a better gender balance right across our Digital, IT and CISO teams. So we encourage our female tech talent to become mentors. And leaders. This is an opportunity not only to create pioneering solutions, but also to create your own legacy.

We celebrate diversity all year round. But there are some more specific things we do too. Every October, we celebrate Ada Lovelace Day which is all about raising the profile of women in science, technology, engineering, and maths. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate our female STEM champions.

Life here

Find out what different people from our team have been getting up to lately. Getting things underway is Freya Maclachlan; last year Freya took on the role of a Women in Technology Programme Manager now she’s working as a Product Owner in the digital space.

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