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Working at Aviva

Proud to be different

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Who we are

Insurance. It’s just a load of people in suits saying no. Right?

Wrong. Well, not at Aviva, anyway. We’re people with a purpose. People who get stuck in and make our work our own, so we can make an impact. We strive to be with you today, for a better tomorrow – whether you’re a customer or part of our team. We stand in our customers’ shoes – and in yours – so that everything we do is people-focused.

We look for diverse people. We’re not big on dress codes. Wear what you want as long as you feel comfortable – and everyone else does. (Yes, that does mean birthday suits are out.)

We give our people ownership. A chance to have a say. And we all actively seek out views that oppose our own. Life here means being part of something meaningful. Being proactive. Making important decisions. And managing the risks involved. It’s about redefining an industry. Rediscovering what you’re really about. And realising all of your potential. Every last bit of it.

Multi coloured bars of soapYellow wheels from a carriage parked upGinger cat on a car roofTwo children in the back of a classic carClose up of smiling manDog peering over a wooden wallDog on a bench with owner fastening lead
Multi coloured bars of soapYellow wheels from a carriage parked upGinger cat on a car roofTwo children in the back of a classic carClose up of smiling manDog peering over a wooden wallDog on a bench with owner fastening lead

Here for mishaps – and naughty cats

Life has a funny way of throwing things at us when we least expect them. Could be a minor bump on the school run. A drone grounding your flight. A sudden windfall. A flood. An early retirement. A cat deciding it wants out of your car by trying to claw through the roof. (One of the stranger claims we’ve had. It was paid, of course.)

Some 15 million customers across the UK have placed their trust in us, for everything from car insurance, to pension plans, to investments. They trust that Aviva is the best place to protect what matters to them and save for their future. It’s our people, with their pioneering new ideas, their initiative and their empathy who help us earn – and keep – that trust.

Our culture

Before they get to know us, a lot of people think we’re going to be a stuffy insurance company. Cold and corporate. The reality is very different. We know that people do their best work when they feel relaxed. Empowered to be themselves. It enables us to do more for our clients. And we think it makes this is a very nice place to work.

Put simply, we like people to be involved. So we have six global communities:

  • AvivAbility – developing a disability smart workplace,
  • Aviva Balance – supporting gender parity,
  • Aviva Carers – supporting carers and parents,
  • Aviva Generations – promoting an intergenerational workplace,
  • Aviva Origins – celebrating cultural difference; and,
  • Aviva Pride – being yourself at work.

What we believe in

For some businesses, ‘values’ might just be a page on a website. But we live and breathe them. They make us better at helping our customers, and better at contributing to a sustainable future.

Be empowered to do more – for more

In some companies, everything is all about what the bosses say. What they think. What they tell you to do. But not here. Here, everyone gets a say. We think it makes sense for the people who are getting things done to have a voice.

It means in every role, in every team, you can share your ideas. Think something could be done better? Tell us. Thought of a new way to help customers? We’ll be all ears.

For us, progress happens when passionate people get to shape things. Create things. Disrupt the norm. So expect to be tested (in a good way). And expect to be trusted. At every turn.

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Bring your whole self to work

We have shared values. A shared ethos. Everything we do is with the customer in mind. Let’s see how we can do more. Take on more responsibility. Make more of an impact. And do better.

And we respect individuality too. Being part of Aviva means being yourself. Being free to show your wild side. Your quiet side. Being free to speak up when you disagree. Because if you’re honest and happy, you’ll be better placed to help us deliver better all-round care for our customers. And to achieve even more in your career. Every step of the way.

If you fancy getting together with like-minded people, our employee communities have over 5,000 members and they cover everything from race, religion and belief, gender identity and sexuality through to caring responsibilities, age, mental and physical health and social mobility.

Here for every customer today, for an even better tomorrow

We know what you’re thinking. Well, we think we do. If you had a pound every time you read about a company putting customers first, you wouldn’t need to be on a recruitment website because you’d be living the high life in an exotic location.

But at Aviva, we really are driven by what our customers need, and what we think they might want. It could be a rolling contract – not having to be locked in for a year. An app that puts them in control. Policies with a 98% pay-out rate. Advisors who are friendly and human and not just reading a script. People who understand what matters. People like you.

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Your development

For us, development isn’t just about moving upwards. We empower our people to move sideways too. So no matter what department you start in, you’ll have the chance to experience life in different teams. To learn from diverse colleagues. To dream up ways we can create ever-better solutions. And if you do decide you’d like to progress to the next level, we’ll be right behind you every step of the way.

You’ll be part of a vibrant environment with state-of-the-art facilities, innovative systems and customer-focused processes – and you’ll have the training you need to make the most of them.

In other words, we’re all about getting the best out of you and giving you the best. With us, you’ll be supported to grow and to achieve your goals as well as ours.

Love to learn?

There are some things that can’t be taught. Some people just happen to be naturally in tune with our four core values: Care MoreKill ComplexityNever Rest and Create Legacy. But there are plenty of things that definitely can be learnt. Which is why we have so many great training and development opportunities.

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We’re responsible.
And we’re sociable.

We’re a big organisation. And that means we have a big sense of responsibility. We want to do what’s right for our people. The planet. And our communities. We’re very involved in tackling climate change. In fact, we became the first carbon neutral international insurer way back in 2006. Our community investment totalled £17.6 million in 2018. We partner with the Red Cross to build more resilient global communities. And we’ve helped 7,000 projects since 2015 (we’re really proud of that – we originally set out to help 5,000 by 2020).

Time to care

If you’re thinking about becoming a parent, or you’re a parent already, you probably want to know how we do things around here when it comes to parental leave and pay. Especially if you’ve heard that we take a slightly different approach to most organisations (in a good way!) – not least by offering our employees market-leading equal parental leave.* Being a parent is another full-time job – and so is being a carer. That’s why we also offer carers at Aviva extra paid leave, to support them as best we can.

*All adoption, maternity/paternity and parental leave benefits will apply when you’ve worked with us for a qualifying amount of time.

Take the time to start writing your dad jokes

Parenting isn’t just for mums, and we think it would be unfair and old-fashioned of us to give mothers more parental leave than fathers. So we’ve been giving equal amounts of paid and unpaid parental leave to people of all genders and sexual orientations since 2017.  Available whether you’re part-time or full-time, and we encourage flexible working when you return.

It’s pretty ground-breaking stuff (even though it shouldn’t be) and we’re proud to be leading the way and levelling the playing field at work and at home. Watch our video and see how it’s affected dads and mums, and of course their little ones.

Walking the walk

We’ve won plenty of awards for being an inclusive and diverse employer. And of course we’re proud of that. But it still makes us ever so slightly uncomfortable to be rewarded for doing what we believe should come naturally to every company. That’s why we don’t rest on our gilded laurels. Every day we work with a wide variety of inspiring partners to create a better working world for all.

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